Rates and Fees

Rates Effective January 1st, 2020 (Subject to change by Commissioners)

Water rates $44.71 Basic rate per billing cycle
  $4.05 Consumption charge for each 100 cubic feet used
Street Lights $3.00 Street light charge per living unit
Mini-Minimum $44.71 Discount rate for customers using 600 cubic feet of water or less. It takes 3 billing cycles to establish.
New Account Fee $25.00 Meter reading and set-up of new account
Duplicate Bill $5.00 Per Billing Cycle
Door tags $20.00 24 hour shut off notice
Reconnect Fee $65.00 Fee charged when shut off for non-payment
Delinquent Notice Fee   10% added to the delinquent billing amount
After Hours Charge $25.00 After hours services
Returned Check Charge $40.00 Check returned to North Perry Avenue Water District
Tampering Fee $250.00 Meter turned on or off by someone other than a North Perry Avenue Water District employee
Availability of Water Letters $1,000.00 Letters are good for 6 years and stay with the property
Developers Manual $20.00 Developers extension manual
Developer Extension $500.00 Plus $1.00 per lineal foot
Modeling Cost + 20% Fire flow, Etc.
Front Footage $25.00 A running foot with a minimum charge of $2,500.00 or
Backlot Charges $0.14 A square foot with a minimum charge of $2,500.00
Capital Improvement $2,200.00 Per unit (residential)
  $0.14 A square foot (commercial), minimum charge of $2,200.00
Meter Installation $1,100.00 3/4" Meter
  $1,200.00 1" Meter / anything larger is time and materials
Hydrant Meter $500.00 Deposit
  $100.00 Initial set & Cross Connection testing
  $50.00 Monthly for Cross Connection testing
  $100.00 Relocation
    The above charges are in addition to regular water rates listed above
Cross Connection Fees $50.00 Re-inspection fee
  $40.00 Reconnect fee
Leak Adjustment   One adjustment every 3 years up to 50% of the amount in question